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Years of experience. That means I’ll take us smoothly through the production process and keep your project on track.


Crafting your message for results. Focusing on your objectives while also making content engaging so people hear your message.


Capturing moments that move us. Putting people at ease. I use Sony’s great new a7 III camera.


Building enough time into our schedule for your revisions. Your final video will be polished and effective.

About Me

Hello there!  I’m Mary.  I’ve been producing videos for over 15 years.

Video is key to marketing today. A video that engages and persuades can be your best marketing tool. You may wish you had the staff and time to do it well. That’s where I can help you. I’m a freelance video producer in Seattle. I’ve been working on projects large and small. My focus is on videos that help your business, nonprofit or organization grow.

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The experience to make things run smoothly.

what kind of videos do you make?
Mostly marketing videos, and promotional, informational, fundraising and training videos. Clients use the videos on the web, for projecting at events and in marketing campaigns.
what's your background?
My communication skills were sharpened by earlier work as a journalist and a staff writer for an international humanitarian organization. I then moved into video, feeling video has the greatest power to reach people. Have been freelancing since almost forever. You can see my About page for clients and testimonials.
How much does a video cost?
You can look at my Costs page. It will give a rough idea. Yet every video is different. A major factor is how much video you need to shoot, the length of the final video, and if you need anything extra like narration or animation. When I learn more about your project, I can send you a quote.
how long does it take to make a video?

If you need a quick turn around, and I can fit it, we can do that. A more complicated piece for a large organization might need four to six weeks. It takes a while to schedule people to be on camera. We also need enough time for your staff to review and give approvals at steps along the way.

what steps do most people forget?
It’s important that we take the time  to think hard about a strategy. What will you say, and how will you say it? What will we see? Another critical step is thinking how you’ll put the video to work beyond your initial use. That might mean improving your ROI through video SEO, and re-editing the footage into smaller videos for social media.
how Do we get started?
We start by writing down your goals and objectives. Then we brainstorm and get into strategy. I can give you a Video Planner with start-up questions to get us rolling.

What’s the process?

We follow the steps that ensure you get the video you need.  

some of my work


  • Producing videos for over 15 years.
  • Video assignments in Seattle and around the world…over 20 video projects in Africa alone.
  • Sharpened my storytelling skills as a script analyst in Hollywood.
  • Early career: Journalist and then a staff writer at an international humanitarian organization. I moved into freelance writing and then freelance video producing.


  • Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
  • Graduate certificates in Film & Video, and in Marketing, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Additional coursework at UCLA and the American Film Institute


  • Seasoned producer delivering video content for clients. Creating the right message and keeping projects on track.
  • Highly skilled in all phases of video production.
  • Videography and still photography, using Sony a7 III
  • Video editing with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Scriptwriting and copywriting
“Mary Peterson demonstrated strong creativity and professionalism…”

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