Video is the key to marketing today. You might wish for the staff — and the time — to do it well. That’s where I can help you. I’m a freelance video producer in Seattle, and I specialize in fundraising and marketing videos. You can reach me at My clients hire me for small and large projects … from videos for the web, to videos for capital campaigns and fundraising events.

Shooting video is just the middle part

Before we get rolling, I help craft your message to fit the style for video. And when we’ve finished your video, I help put your video to work on the web. Using my years of experience, I can take us smoothly through the whole production process — saving you time and money.

The approach and style

I believe video has to be interesting and entertaining. I look to capture the moments and emotions that move us. I favor the human story over fancy graphics. I’m creative, yet not a crazy, wild creative … which means I’m also organized and practical. And I believe your video needs to look good. Put all this together, and you get a video that is both engaging and effective.

So what does a video cost?

Costs vary so much, depending on what you need. Most of the time, I work with small to medium budgets.
  • Small budgets: Narrow topic and under two minutes. Filmed at one site, some B-roll shots and simple music. Good for the web. Might be one person’s story, for example. Costs average around $1,500.
  • Medium budgets: More complex and under five minutes. This budget allows multiple filming sites across several days, and includes more evocative music. A video at this level might be an overview or vision video you keep on your home page … your workhorse video. At this level, you could create an engaging piece designed for major donors, or a video that kicks off a capital campaign. Costs can range from $2,000 to $4,500, but it all depends on what you need.

A little history

Just in case you want to know my background, I’ve produced videos for years in all sorts of situations.
  • Videos for businesses such as Equal Exchange, which included location shoots in Boston, Chicago and Nicaragua. And recently I shot and edited a video for the Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County.
  • Videos for many local nonprofits in Seattle. You can look up my client list.
  • A large part of my work has been for international humanitarian nonprofits. One video helped raise $15 million for clean water in Africa. Another video project helped raise more than $500 million to aid 20 million lives worldwide.
After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, I worked as a journalist. Then I became a staff writer in the development department of an international humanitarian nonprofit in Seattle. That’s where I learned fundraising. After that I moved into freelance writing. I also worked as a story analyst in Hollywood, and that experience helps my work immensely because storytelling is the magic behind great videos. In my work as a freelancer producer, humanitarian groups have sent me to Africa over 20 times to produce videos. Mary Peterson on video shoot in Niger for World Vision  
Mary Peterson is a freelance video producer in Seattle. She creates videos to help your business or nonprofit grow. Visit her LinkedIn page, and see her videos on Vimeo. And learn more about how to use videos for fundraising. You can reach her at