COVID-19 Video Shoot Policy



To help us stay healthy, Mary Peterson Video Productions is implementing a COVID-19 policy for all video shoots. Please read this carefully.


• Practice social distancing at all times.


• Everyone wears masks while on a shoot, for the entire session.


• Cancel if anyone has symptoms. (There is no charge if you cancel.)


• The person being interviewed wears a mask until they speak on camera. The person who asks the interview questions wears a mask and is well over six feet away.


• Equipment is cleaned before and after sessions. This takes time, and limits the number of interviews and locations filmed in a day.


• Film outdoors as much as possible. Figure how to not film people in small enclosed spaces.


• Minimize the time on the set: Planning ahead is more important than ever. Plan the shots. Prepare focused interview questions so we reduce interview time.


• Get the work done and then we leave. Limit conversations on the set. We can call afterwards.


• Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after the shoot.


• No carpooling to or from the filming location.


• Everyone at the shoot must read this policy ahead of time.


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