How do you craft your marketing message for a video?

New research on human rights campaigns found that personal stories are powerful. If you need someone to take action – such as donating or signing a petition – you must focus on a personal story. What about supporting facts?

Well, here’s what the study found:

  1. An individual case or story makes the greatest impact.
  2. If you just provide the facts, or focus on your organization, that is generally ineffective.
  3. If you combine both story and facts, it does not hurt the results, but it also was of little help.

You can read the full article: The Importance of Evidence-Based Human Rights Advocacy.

Organizations can get caught up in telling their story. Instead, think of the donor or customer’s perspective. You get the best results when you connect them to a benefit. And for nonprofits the benefit to the donor is that they can change a person’s life.



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