Have you enabled the donate button on your YouTube channel?

The YouTube Nonprofit Program gives your nonprofit its own channel. Outside of a video that’s prominent on your nonprofit’s website, your own YouTube channel is the most important place to show your videos. Not a general YouTube posting, but posting on your own nonprofit’s channel.

Another step you must take: YouTube’s own data says less than 1% of nonprofits in North America, the UK and Australia turn on the donate button.

Some of the ways the program helps your channel:

Donate button

Call-to-action overlays

Live streaming

Video annotations

Community forums

Take some time to learn about the program, and your nonprofit could see a boost in the effectiveness of your videos. They offer you a Playbook Guide PDF to help your nonprofit get started.


Mary is a freelance video producer in Seattle. She creates videos for you that help your business or nonprofit grow. Visit her LinkedIn page, and see her videos on Vimeo. You can reach her at Mary@MaryJPeterson.com.