Wow – a very helpful study by Edelman, YouTube’s Nonprofit Program and See 3. The report is filled with tips and strategies.


• Biggest discovery was how many nonprofits fail to measure effectiveness. The two most important things your organization can do when producing videos: (1) Define a clear, attainable goal. (2) Measure how and if it reaches that goal.

• Your best metric might not be number of views, but how many viewers move from viewing to donating.

• Although many nonprofits think the best place to post videos is YouTube and Facebook, their most important audience is existing donors. Use that audience to distribute videos to friends. And so, the most important place to post your video is on your own nonprofit’s website and in emails. Make sure the videos include links for sharing on social media.

• Less than half of the nonprofits surveyed use YouTube’s Nonprofit Program. That’s surprising as nearly all felt YouTube was the place to be to get their videos seen.

• Nearly 91 percent of nonprofits plan to increase their video production over the next three years.

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