• You may be tempted to just get the facts out about your cause. But it’s stories that make us care.

• Our minds process information best when it’s in story form. We remember what we see and hear when it’s told as a story. No matter what you are saying, build from a beginning to a middle to an ending.

• We are social beings. We mirror others. Seeing someone take an action has a much greater impact on us than having someone just talk about the action.

• Use stories at all levels of your communication with donors and customers. Instead of putting a dry statistic in your annual report, tell a story. Use a short anecdote to illustrate a fact. Your information will sink in, and will be remembered.


Mary is a freelance video producer in Seattle. She works to help your business or nonprofit grow by creating videos. Visit her LinkedIn page, and see her videos on Vimeo. You can reach her at Mary@MaryJPeterson.com.