Producing smart,
effective videos
for your business or nonprofit

Mary Peterson Video Productions is based in Seattle. I have with years of experience in marketing and fundraising.

What video services do you offer?
• Full service shop: I handle everything you need to make a video.
• Types of videos: marketing, promotional, informational, training, fundraising, and videos shown at events and on the web.

What’s your experience?
• Over 10 years of producing videos, with all sorts of budgets, in all sorts of situations. (Ask me about Africa.)
• Education: Bachelor of Arts in communication arts: broadcast journalism, from Pacific Lutheran University. Additional coursework in video at UCLA and the American Film Institute. Graduate Certificates in Film and Video, and in Marketing Management, from the University of Washington.

What makes you stand out?
• I come in as a partner listening carefully to your needs. To see what it’s like to work with me, read my Endorsements page.
• I emphasize professional quality – in images and messaging. A well-crafted messages will meet your objectives.
Production management. I’ve gained the knowledge to predict the typical bumps in the road, and have the experience to avoid them and make your production go smoothly.

How long does it take to make a video?
• It can be a quick turn-around of a couple days. But, to be realistic, it’s best if you have one to two months. Most of that time is for planning, and I can help you with that and your message strategy. I also find that companies need the added time if several people are involved with approvals.
• I’ll write up a timeline for us so you’ll know the steps and what to expect.
• You can be as involved as you like, or I can take care of everything. You’ll have input at all the key milestones, and can revise the script and edit.

What does a video cost?
• There are a lot of variables. Location. Complexity of the shoot. Music rights. Graphics, if needed. How much scripting. Whether you need a narrator and recording studio. Length of the video.
• Most often the biggest costs come from the hours for shooting and editing. So the final length of your video, and complexity of the shoot, really affect your budget.
• I’ll give you a quote. I’m upfront about costs, and the price I give won’t change. No surprises.

To learn more about making smart, effective videos:
Watch my videos in the Video Portfolio.
I offer tips in my Blog pages, so come back often.
Contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary is a freelance video producer in Seattle. She creates videos for you that help your business or nonprofit grow. Visit her LinkedIn page, and see her videos on Vimeo. You can reach her at